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Learn more about the great benefits of adding H2 to your diet, and you can earn credit towards your next purchase. 

Become Educated in H2

There are so many great things to understand about the advantages of supplementing your diet with H2, that we thought it was worth paying you to be become educated! Simply take the H2 course by reading the material and then take the test. Simple as that! Afraid of taking tests? No worries. You can take the test over until you pass it. Besides, we have tried to make this test easy and fun, and you can ask us for help at any time. 

Read the Basic Material and Take the test.

CLICK HERE to take you to the H2 Basic Training and then take the test to qualify for credit towards your purchase. 

More about H2 and Your Health

Discovery of Hydrogen Therapy


SuperH2 does not contain caffeine or sugar.