Discovery of Hydrogen Therapy

2007 the selective antioxidant

In 2007, an article was published in a popular medical journal posting some results that were found showing that hydrogen is a selective antioxidant.

2010 the research gains momentum

With over 80 scientific studies on the benefits of hydrogen gas inside the body, the research is expanding.

2013 no slowing down

Reaching more than 150 independent studies, the evidence is building that hydrogen has no negative side effects and only positive results. 

2016 parabolic progress

With over 330 additional  studies, the science has proven that hydrogen gas is an important signaling molecule to reducing oxidative stress and increasing performance. The methods of use and the benefits of consumption are confirmed.

2017 share the big news

Get the word out! Increase your health and the health of the people around you by adding molecular hydrogen to your diet. 

Three easy ways to drink molecular hydrogen.

For the highest levels of hydrogen, it must be consumed as soon as it is opened or created. Otherwise it evaporates too quickly at atmospheric pressure.  

1. Hydrogen water machine - drink it right away.

2. Carry it in a pressurized container and drink it as soon as it is opened. 

3. Hydrogen reaction pills you add to a bottle of water to collect hydrogen in the bottle.

There is a fourth way: take a special supplement that can provide elements to help you create it in your stomach naturally. It is helpful to drink extra water.