Health through healing with SuperH2 beverages

The super antioxidant for reducing oxidative stress and cellular damage.

About hydrogen-rich water

Is hydrogen the fountain of youth?

It is as close as we have ever come. Over 500 scientific studies are indicating that the power of hydrogen helps your body heal from oxidative stress like no other antioxidant does. This naturally slows down the aging process. 

Since hydrogen is  a gas, it is subject to quick evaporation. Due to the pressure in the container, the hydrogen levels are 4 times higher than you could get out of standard ionizing machines at atmospheric pressure. You get the same benefits from drinking a glass of SuperH2 water that you would a quart of ionized water. Thus, the amount of hydrogen water you need to drink for optimal effects is much less and the water is naturally alkaline as well. 

Pressurized hydrogen infused into the beverage.

Several people ask if hydrogen-rich water is a joke. The answer is no, it is very real. This water has extra molecules of hydrogen gas infused into the water. 

SuperH2 beverages are completely safe and natural and are infused with molecular hydrogen gas similarly the way carbonated soda pop is infused with carbon dioxide gas. The difference is that hydrogen eliminates harmful antioxidants while carbon dioxide creates them. 

Once you drink the liquid infused with hydrogen gas, those tiny molecules flow throughout your body in search of oxidants that are causing oxidative stress.  

Neutralizes the hydroxyl free radicals.

With 20 times more antioxidants than a bowl full of blueberries, hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant. It is also a selective antioxidant, which means that it neutralizes the harmful hydroxl free radical leaving the beneficial free radicals alone. Other antioxidants neutralize all free radicals including the beneficial ones.   

Treat yourself to a cool refreshing SuperH2 beverage. In addition to the original H2 mineral water, you can choose from one of two lightly flavored beverages: Lemon or Sunshine.

It's a sports drink that produces energy by neutralizing free radicals, turning them into water instead of oxidative stress. This amazing beverage also aids in recovery after long and intense workouts...the recovery energy comes from hydrogen, not sugars or Caffeine. 

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